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Introduction to SendStuffNow. How to use it!
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What is SendStuffNow?

SendStuffNow (formerly StuffIt Connect) is a secure "cloud-based" file delivery service.

It enables to share very large files very easily and securely without any limits. No maximum email attachment limitations or complex FTP transfers.

With SendStuffNow you can access all your files at anytime, from anywhere, from any internet connected device! Even from your smart phone (e.g. iPhone, Android, Nokia, etc.).

Tip: You get a 6 months FREE subscription to the SendStuffNow service when you buy the new StuffIt Deluxe for Mac or StuffIt Deluxe for Windows software.

Your Benefits

  1. No email Bouncing due to large email attachments
    With SendStuffNow you can easily send large files up to 2GB in size without bouncing your email. Your recipients need no SendStuffNow account or special software, they simply click an emailed link to download the files in their web browser.
  2. Secure Encryption
    All SendStuffNow files are AES 256 bit encrypted and your connection to the server is encrypted with an RSA 2048 bit key and Secure Sockets Layer.
  3. Easy to Use
    As an FTP replacement, it is very simple to share large files and removing all complexities.

How to use SendStuffNow?

Log in

First, you have to log in to your SendStuffNow account.
If you are a new user you first have to create your SendStuffNow account. To set up your SendStuffNow account, simply follow the easy instructions of the StuffIt Deluxe® Setup Wizard. You will be asked to provide your StuffIt Deluxe registration number.


The SendStuffNow home page is the “Available Shares” page. Here you can see a list of all the Shares you have uploaded.

A "Share" is created any time you send a large file using "Stuff & Mail” from StuffIt Deluxe or when you upload a file using the SendStuffNow interface. By default the Shares will be created as StuffIt X archives, however you can change the default compression format, e.g. ZIP files.

You can store up to 2GB of Shares in your SendStuffNow account.


Once your files have been uploaded as Available Shares, you can safely and securely allow access by sending out email invitations. The Invitation will include a personal message, as well as a link (url) that allows your recipient to start the download process of your share files.

SendStuffNow will store all invitation email addresses in the contacts address book.

Some Options

You have a lot op options, e.g. an invitation to download one of your files can be set to expire after a specific date, and you can manually cancel an invitation at any time. You can encrypt the files you share using StuffIt's strong encryption technology, you can set a download access code to restrict access to your files, etc.

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