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SoftwareToCompress.com let you buy the best compression software at rebate prices from the official sites.

  • We are partnering with only the best compression software merchants, e.g. Smith Micro.
  • All our outgoing links go to the official sites, where you can buy in a secure shopping environment.
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Our Partners

Smith Micro Software Inc.

Smith Micro Software Inc. is the official merchant for all StuffIt software products and other award-winning software utilities for Macintosh and Windows.

Some History:
  • Aladdin Systems was the original developer of StuffIt.
  • Aladdin Systems changed its name to Allume Systems in July of 2004.
  • Smith Micro Software Inc. acquired Allume Systems in 2005.

Technical Support of StuffIt
For technical support of StuffIt, please use the Smith Micro Online Knowledge Base or the StuffIt FAQ page.

For specific questions, you can Contact the Smith Micro Consumer Division.

StuffIt for Mac is the Number 1 software compressor
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